4 Bar Lighting Ideas to Upgrade Your Home Bar

Hosting friends at your home bar or entertaining outside by the pool on a covered patio is an excellent way to make up for lost time and create amazing memories. Give them something to talk about with unique accents like backlighting that will set you apart from other bars. Not only will it light up conversations, but also encourage people to gather around the centerpiece of your space – the bar!

Slablite can bring your bar to life with its extensive range of backlighting options, allowing you to create a unique and eye-catching feature. It’s simple to install and maintain, ensuring years of vibrant lighting for all the amazing ideas you have in mind!

Backlight Your Stone Countertops 

Backlighting is the art of providing a surface with an illumination from behind it. Our lighting panels are capable of backlighting many surfaces like glass, and even countertop stone to make them glow in ways you’ve never imagined! With endless possibilities when using our light fixtures, your designs will be anything but ordinary; they will truly capture the attention of anyone who sees them.

Our panels are ideal for adding beautiful backlighting to quartzite countertops, producing an enchanting accent as well as a functional illuminated bar counter. Whether you use it indoors or outside, this illumination will bring warmth and sparkle to your outdoor bar when the stars come out at night or create an amazing radiance in any room of your house — from the basement to the kitchen and bathroom!

Slablite light panels are the perfect solution for ultra-translucent stone types such as quartzite, onyx and agate. Additionally, these lighting panels can be used to enhance translucent glass or stained glass surfaces as well as solid surfaces like Avonite, Corian and 3Form.

Backlight Your Bar Shelves and Backsplashes 

Illuminate your bar shelves with Slablite’s light panels for the perfect accent! With no need for a buffer or diffusion, you can easily achieve that neat lit-up look from below. Get creative and show off your liquor selection in style – Slablite has got you covered.

Are you planning to install a stone backsplash in your bar? If so, don’t forget to upgrade it with Slablite’s light panels! Not only can the countertops benefit from this technology but also your bar or entertainment area’s backsplash. With these backlit panels, you’ll be able to enjoy an illuminated backdrop that will surely add style and character to any space.

Bar Accent Lighting

Bar lighting can be practical not just under the cabinets to produce sufficient light for drink-making without overpowering brightness, but also beneath your bar countertop. Our backlighting panels are particularly useful for accomplishing this goal – whether used as a standalone accent or combined with other illumination accents – and helps cast an inviting glow around your seating area.

Lighting Custom Shapes

If you’re seeking to outline shapes, cutouts and other eye-catching features with light at your bar, look no further than Slablite! Our light panels have the capacity to illuminate the ceiling or corners of your preferred establishment in any hue that suits your fancy. Make sure those angles are lit up as well by opting for our powerfully illuminating solution – it’s perfect for customizing unexpected shapes!

Add a contemporary touch to your house bar with the use of backlighting and make it stand out! From stools, shelves, and glass/stone accents — this lighting feature provides an elegant atmosphere that won’t go unnoticed. Make sure all eyes are on you by making your home bar even brighter and unique. Contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you have to get you started on your next backlight project.