Add Drama & Style with SLABlite

If you’re looking for a dramatic effect in your home – be it the kitchen, the bar, over the fireplace – backlighting is a terrific solution. It creates a dramatic effect, with a brilliant glow from your stone finish catching the eye.

As we turn lamps lower or higher to set a mood, so can we adjust our SLABlite backlighting. SLABlite always recommends the installation of a dimmer switch.

Consider the impact of lighting throughout the home. Certain areas benefit from brightness, others from subtlety. A kitchen with translucent or semi-translucent materials (onyx, quartz, glass, Cristallo quartzite) or solid-surfacing materials such as Corian, Wilsonart’s Gibraltar and Avonite, becomes visually stunning with SLABlite backlighting.

Picture your countertop illuminated by our SLABlite technology. Or your bar, with light reflecting from your crystalware. SLABlite helps you create a mood that you can change as your evening segues from happy hour to dinner to late-night diversion. You won’t tire of the look and your guests will no doubt ask you how you achieved it. We trust you will help spread the word about SLABlite. We promise you an enduring beauty that is unforgettable. Contact SLABlite today