Steve Snyder

Project Date: January 2019
After seeing the videos on line, I thought this would be relatively easy to install and provide a professional and awesome look … and it came through on all counts! I did the install myself of a relatively tricky layout (large kitchen island with lots of 45 degree angles and under-mount sink) that came out fantastic. I would highly recommend this product. SLABlite was always available for consultations over the phone and I appreciate their advice to put their lights on a dimmer as they can be too bright at night if not dimmed down. Because of how well this turned out, we have already submitted another order to backlight stone for a reception desk in our new office complex currently being built.

Blair Smiles
Project Date: February 13, 2022
I had the BEST experience with SLABlite, Inc. I live in Florida, and I contacted this California company because they are specialists in the project I wanted to do. I wanted to uplight the quartzite on my bar. I had never done a project like this so I sought guidance. Richard Ashoff was incredible and made the process easy. I gave him the measurements of my bar top and he let me know how many lights I needed to order. He explained the entire process to me- including the need to examine the quartzite to see if there were imperfections which would lead to a bit of a different installation process. Richard was patient and helpful. Even though he had explained things clearly to me, I asked if it would be okay for my contractor to call him directly. He spoke with my contractor directly so he felt comfortable and well-equipped to install the lights. My up-lit bar looks INCREDIBLE! The lighting is even and beautiful! Richard shared the dimmer requirements so that I could even have a dimmer feature for my beautiful bar top. Just absolutely amazing customer service with an amazing product. I am grateful that I was able to achieve what I had hoped . Being across the country from SLABlite didn't create an obstacle for my project.

Annette Barrett

Project Date: October 2018
Tylerco is an expert in their field of lighting architectural products. Dick spends the time to understand the goals and inform his clients of options. While these are excellent qualities Dick's leading attribute is honestly, he is more concerned with what is the best execution of your design, rather than just selling you a product. I highly recommend this company.
Project Date: July 2018
TylerCo is a 5 star company. The owner was very helpful and took his time to explain the product I purchased. He was great with follow up questions and specifications. My project looks incredible. I highly recommend this company for quality and great service.
Project Date: April 2017
I have used TylerCo on three separate projects now. I have purchased more that 50 Slablites total and have never had a problem. They work great and the customers love the final look. I would highly recommend the Slablites to any professional who wants a job to go smooth and have great results.
Project Date: March 2017
The product is great! We use it in our multifamily projects and it really makes the main entrance stand out. Would highly recommend.

Stone Craftsmen L.L.C.

Project Date: February 2017
Richard was very professional and delivery of SLABlite was just as promised. Very easy to install once your homework is done. As no one in the Nashville area had used this we had to figure it all out ourselves and Richard's expertise was crucial. I will never light any material with anything but his product SLABlite!!!
Project Date: June 2016
I would Highly recommend the Slablite product. Richard was very helpful and insightful. Wiring, cutting and installing the tiles went without a hitch. The installation went smoothly despite the stone fabricators misgivings. I look forward to working with Slablite again.


Project Date: July 2015
What a great company to work with! I bought their product and installed it myself. Customer service was great, the product was built to last and very easy to work with for the first time! I would recommend this product to anyone trying to reach the results of lighting up countertops , plexiglass etc..
Project Date: June 2016
I would Highly recommend the Slablite product. Richard was very helpful and insightful. Wiring, cutting and installing the tiles went without a hitch. The installation went smoothly despite the stone fabricators misgivings. I look forward to working with Slablite again.


Project Date: May 2015
I just finished doing a remodel/renovation of my home. I purchased slablite led undercounter lighting from Richard. He was always there for guidance and a great resource. My island countertop now has a "wow" factor that I never thought I could have in my home. The installers were amazed and many photos were taken not only by installers but even the owner of the company came out to have a look. I highly recommend this product for use in a home or business. My son and I did the installation without difficulty, it just required planning and time. Dick is a great resource as well as having a great product. I look forward to using it in other applications on my property.
Project Date: January 2015
Used the slablite for a project of ours. We have used different types of lighting for lighting stone. This products was the easiest, consistent and best product that we have used. Our client was insistent on having a product that will last for the foreseeable future, and after speaking with Richard, Slablite was the product for us and this project. We will definitely use this project in the future for lighting our stone.

Valinda Cowing

Project Date: March 2015

Recommended by our granit installer. We wanted our island counter top to light up, but never in our wildest dreams did we expect it to be so beautiful. Slablite panels are amazing. I do think an experienced electrician is necessary for installation, and choosing the right granit is a must. You will not be disappointed.
Project Date: March 2017
I have used this amazing product on two separate occasions. First in my kitchen and second in my master bedroom. I bought some beautiful translucent stone called Alexandrite Quartzite from Tosca Stone in San Diego. I needed to buy a long term LED lighting product that I could put under the stone to create this most amazing effect. I spoke with over seven different companies that sold LED back lighting as this was a very important decision, on two fronts. First Alexandrite Quartzite is a very expensive stone compared to most granite and other hard stones and second once the stone is installed over the lighting there is no way to repair or replace the LEDs. So once it is placed it is permanent, so having a lighting product that is going to work for years and years is extremely important. The other major concern was being able to fabricate (assemble) the lighting on site, On the first project we did our island, back splash and bar counter top and we were concerned about not having the ability to make changes on site with the lighting such as cutting or sizing. It was very clear through my research that the only company that fit both of our criteria and it was SLABlite in Orange County California. Further, I was able to drive from San Diego to Orange County and personally had an opportunity to meet the CEO at his facilities and get a personlized presentation and overview, The first Project went amazingly easy and turned out beautiful. Everyone is amazed when they see it. We just finished our second project which was to cover the fireplace in our master bedroom. There was no hesitation what lighting source we were going to use - SLABlite! The picture of the fireplace is attached. We are planning a third use of the lighting in a wine and cigar bar in our next addition to the house and I know what lighting source I will use SLABlite.....


Project Date: October 2014
A magnificent piece of art. Our bathroom countertop is a piece of onyx called Sunset, which we added LED light panels from a company in California called SLABlite. Besides being beautiful, this work of art is always cool to the touch and we leave the LEDs on continuously. We find our guests make a special effort to always use this bathroom in our house. Another plus is the LED light panels will last 20 years. This beautiful glow really upgrades any bathroom.
Project Date: April 2014
Richard at SLABlite, Inc was so helpful all the way through the process. To start with, I talked to him for about 15 minutes about my design and he walked me through why his solution was best. Then I sent him a drawing of my project and he responded quickly with a quote for the full list of materials including the power supply and the dimmer. Soon the SlabLites arrived and I started to lay them out and test them. But not being an electrician, he walked me through all steps including what kind of fuse to buy and where to put it. Even though I was a little nervous, he kept repeating “just call me if you have any issues or questions” and I did. I must have called 6 or 7 times throughout the process. But in reality, I could have done it all without his help, except the size of the fuse, because the manual was very clear, concise, and straightforward. It really was an easy project but Richard was there for me to build confidence and insure a perfect installation. And you should see it, it is amazing!!!
Project Date: January 2014
Very knowledgeable about product. Personnel customer support over phone answering any questions during install. I am the installing electrician. The home owner, builder, as well as I were very happy with finish product. The onyx guys also said it's the best continuous light they have seen.
Project Date: December 2013
SLABlite, Inc. is an awesome company to work with and has some awesome products. I ordered the Slablite which was very easy to work with and turned an ordinary countertop into a beautiful work of art. Communication with SLABlite was excellent and they and their products did everything they said they would do. Bottom line, do not hesitate to do business with this company.


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