Backlighting Basics with LED Lights

Lighting is an excellent method to alter the ambiance in a space. While dimmers and programmable lighting are becoming more popular, LED backlighting is still underutilized as a home interior illumination technique.

Backlighting is when you illuminate objects from behind. It creates a dramatic atmosphere and is a simple method to create contemporary mood lighting without spending a lot of money or time doing so.

Which objects should you backlight?

Selective backlighting needs careful planning. Backlighting does not imply that you must outline everything in the space. When your eyes are flooded with light, it will appear more like a kid’s play space than a nice living room. Instead, focus on the TV or the mantel or that treasured wall art you made with your family.

What kind of light?

So, most of us immediately think of LED tape lights as the best technique to ‘outline’ an object, but that’s not the only option. Try it out and see if you like the appearance; because LED tape lights provide the most constant glow.

How bright is the light?

Like anything in home design, it depends on your preference. If you want a super modern space, you’ll want to have a cool, bright light. Brightness is measured in lumens, and the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. If you want your LED backlighting to be comparable to a 60-watt incandescent, go for an 800 lumen light.

We’ve worked on a wide range of projects and know what materials work well and which ones are more difficult. Contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you have to get you started on your next backlight project.