Backlighting Glass: FAQ

When it comes to backlighting applications there are a ton of options to choose from. The materials you ultimately choose will depend on your specific goals and tastes. Looking for specific colors or textures? Are you thinking about a backlit fireplace or a backlit countertop? Glass has the potential to be a great material for a wide range of applications. Read on for a FAQ from SLABlite that can help you answer all your glass backlighting questions!

Does glass work well for backlighting applications?

Absolutely! Of course, you’ll want to consider how the application will complement the rest of the room. You’ll also want to be careful that the glass you use is not so transparent as to be able to see the light panels underneath.

Why choose glass as a material for a backlighting application?

Due to the ease of manufacturing glass and its popularity, you’ll find that the material is highly customizable. Everything from the shape, texture, and color can be adjusted to your tastes and needs. The natural translucency of glass also creates a uniquely beautiful effect when backlit.

Is glass suitable for every backlighting application?

Although the answer may vary depending on your unique installation, backlit glass can work well for any application. Glass can work well for everything from backlit fireplaces to backlit vanities and countertops due to its ease of maintenance, its durability, and its resistance to age and heat. You may just want to exercise caution if using it as a countertop – sharp or heavy objects may still damage the glass, which can prove difficult or costly to repair.

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