Backlighting Onyx Stone Countertops

As LED technology progresses, craftsmen and others interested in unique lighting solutions have created innovative techniques that result in truly beautiful (and functional!) art and conversation pieces. Our SLABlite applications serve as a prime example. Now, our pros can create backlit countertops with a wide range of translucent and semi-translucent materials. The LED technology incorporated into these applications is waterproof, hardy, low-maintenance, practically heatless, and can be cut into almost any shape.

One of the most popular materials used with our SLABlite technology is onyx. Due to its wide range of colors and unique patterns, onyx has been used for decorative purposes for millenia. Because of the way it is formed (typically as stalactites and stalagmites in caves), it develops beautiful translucent properties that further serve to make it a premier decorative material. This translucency makes it an ideal material to use in backlighting applications!

With onyx, it’s easy to evenly light the entirety of the onyx countertop (or whatever application you choose) to produce a beautiful ambience in your home. Because SLABlite is waterproof, you can also enjoy your backlit onyx in areas like pools, fountains, and spas without any concerns about electrical shock.

To learn more about backlit onyx and other SLABlite applications, call (949) 723-2906 or contact us online today!