Backlighting Resin: FAQ

Resin is one of the most popular choices for backlighting materials, and for good reason. Because of how the material is manufactured, the possibilities for color and shape are bound only by your taste and your imagination. Check out some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions about resin backlighting below!

Does resin work well for backlighting applications?

Like glass, resin is particularly suited for backlighting applications due to its high degree of customizability and versatility. Just like with glass, however, you will want to take care not to choose a resin that is so transparent that you can see the light panels beneath them. You will also want to ensure that the resin-based material is made in such a way as to eliminate potentially awkward hot spots or shadows throughout.

Why choose resin as a material for a backlighting application?

Again like glass, resin is highly customizable in shape, color, texture, and translucency. Resin is even easier to shape than glass, however. In the end, it all depends on the specific application of your backlit resin and how you would like it to complement the rest of your space.

Is resin suitable for every backlighting application?

Of course, everyone’s unique tastes and needs will dictate where or not resin is suitable for your specific backlighting installation. In some cases, it can even emulate other materials like onyx, providing a more budget-friendly alternative. While resin is very durable, you may still want to be cautious about the material coming into direct contact with high heat.

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