Benefits of Adding Backlighting to Your Bar

Backlighting creates a dramatic effect in your home. The brilliant glow emanating from your stone finish catches the eye and holds it.

Yes, it’s breathtaking. But just as we turn lamps lower or off depending on the moment, so can we adjust our backlighting. SLABlite always recommends the installation of a dimmer switch so that our late nights aren’t so fully illuminated.

A University of Toronto study of light strengths showed that exposure to bright lights can “intensify our initial emotional reaction to a stimulus” and that “its effects can be both positive and negative.” We’d obviously like to be winding down in the evening, and so a bit less light would be in order. We can shape our physiological response by lessening the intensity of light.

As you build or remodel your home, weigh the impact of lighting in the various areas of the residence. Certain areas benefit from brightness, others from subtlety. We can tell you a kitchen with translucent or semi-translucent materials (onyx, quartz, glass, Cristallo quartzite) or solid-surfacing materials such as Corian, Wilsonart’s Gibraltar and Avonite, becomes a spectacular sight to see with SLABlite backlighting.

Picture your countertop illuminated by our slabs. Or your bar. Or a floor area. We help you create a mood that you can change as your evening at home segues from happy hour to dinner to late-night diverson.

We promise you an enduring beauty that is unforgettable.