Benefits of Backlighting Your Artwork

It’s no secret that good lighting can make a big impact on a space. Backlighting artwork is a great way to bring a radiance into your design. The soft glow from backlighting will complement the other design elements in the space, but backlight also has a lot of other benefits.

Easy on the eyes & environment

Backlighting reduces the need for harsh overhead and direct lighting. LED light panels are also more energy-efficient, long-lasting and less toxic than other incandescent, fluorescent, and metal halide options. 

Add calming beauty

Light also plays a key role in creating a calm, relaxed, and pleasing space. Backlighting your art installations take all the soothing benefits of original artwork to the next level by adding an emanating glow.

Using backlit art in your home can elevate the space in more than just an aesthetic way. Backlit artwork is not only functional, but it enriches any space! Our team at Slablite can help you figure out the best options available that meet your design and aesthetic needs. 

We’ve worked on a wide range of projects and know what materials work well and which ones are more difficult. Contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you have to get you started on your next backlight project.