Difference Between Edge-Lit and Back-Lit LED Panels

If you’re transitioning from older fluorescent lighting, the different LED panel options can seem a little daunting. There are two main types of LED panels and the difference between the two comes from the location of the LEDs and how the light gets dispersed around the panel. Here’s what you should know:

Edge-lit LED panels

With this type of LED panel, the LEDs are placed on the edge of the frame. The light then emits sideways, and is dispersed by a light guide panel. These types of panels also have a thin profile and can measure as small as half an inch, giving them a sleek look.

Back-lit LED panels

Unlike the other panel with LEDs placed on the edges, back-Lit panels have LEDs on the back of the frame. The LEDs point directly outwards, and shine light straight through the diffuser. With these panels, the diffuser ensures smooth light without any hotspots or glare. 

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