How to Pick a Backlighting Surface

Are you thinking about backlighting a surface in your home? There are plenty of places where it’ll work well. A kitchen counter, a bathroom vanity, and a home bar are just some of the surfaces you can transform. At Slablite, we’ll help you determine what works best in your home. But where to begin? You should consider these few things before starting the project.

Will any kind of stone work?

Picking the right kind of stone is the most important part to backlighting a surface. Translucency is a spectrum and every type of stone is different. In some cases, the translucency can change even within the same surface. 

Can I test the stone’s translucency?

A simple way to test the stone is to use your phone flashlight and put it behind the material you want to illuminate. The halo of light should get bigger as you move your phone away from the back of the surface. This illumination will tell you if that type of stone can produce the glow you’re looking for. 

Our patented lighting technology will also ensure that you won’t see any “hotspots” where there is more light in one area than another. The Slablite system will give you even coverage and be customized on site for irregularly shaped counters and other surfaces.

Our team at Slablite can help you figure out the best options available that meet your design and aesthetic needs. We’ve worked on a wide range of projects and know what materials work well and which ones are more difficult. Contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you have to get you started on your next backlight project.