The Best Materials for Backlighting Applications

LED technology has advanced to a point where we can use it for a wide variety of applications. Our proprietary LED backlighting solution, SLABlite, provides consistent and even light throughout the whole pane. On top of that, it is waterproof, practically heatless, and easily customized to fit almost any shape or curve. SLABlite’s versatility means that you are sure to find a complementary material that will make the backlit application a beautiful focal point in any space.

The question remains, however: which material best suits you? Read on for a short overview of some of the most popular materials used in backlit countertops and other applications.

Backlit Glass Applications

Glass is popular in backlit applications due to the high degree of customizability in its color, shape, and texture. The natural translucency/transparency of glass also serves to make it a stunning material for backlit features. Just be cautious, however, that the glass isn’t so see-through that you can notice the light panels underneath. To make sure this does not occur, contact a SLABlite pro for further information.

Backlit Stone Applications

Translucent stone backlit with SLABlite can create an almost otherworldly effect that will be sure to amaze. The LEDs shine through materials like quartzite, onyx, marble, agate, and other translucent stones, highlighting the beautiful colors and striations within. 

Backlit Resin Applications

Resin can even beat glass in customizability – you can get resin in almost any pattern, color, or shape, and even include unique materials like leaves, glitter, or certain metals. If that wasn’t exciting enough, resin is also often less expensive than stone. Resin can also be a great option for people that want very bright illumination from their backlit applications.
We hope this provides some guidance as you plan your next backlighting application! To learn more about SLABlite and our backlighting installation services, all (949) 723-2906 or contact us online today!