Top 5 Reasons to Backlight With LED Panels

Whether you’re looking to update your residential or commercial property, backlighting a surface is a great way to give a space new life. Backlighting surfaces is a versatile project — you can light counters, bar tops, shelves and more! But not all lighting is the same. Here’s why LED light panels are the superior choice.

Minimal Heat

LEDs produce very little heat, so these types of light panels are generally cool and are perfect for  backlighting bars, counters, or another surface people might be touching often.


These light panels are very durable under heavy surfaces like glass, stone, or resin. LED panels can take on a good deal of weight, flexing, and temperature changes without breaking.

Thin Profile

Before LEDs, you needed deep enclosures to hold thicker light bulbs and to create even illumination across a surface. Now these panels are usually less than 10mm thick, making them versatile.

Easy Installation

Our LED light panels are custom shaped on site to fit the surface, made out of a durable acrylic, and are very lightweight. The panels are easy to install, so your room will be updated in no time.

Even Lighting

The most important reason to backlight surfaces with an LED light panel is because they produce extremely even illumination. You won’t see any hot spots across the surface.

Slablite can help take your home or commercial property to the next level with custom LED backlighting options that will make your next party stand out above the rest. Contact us and learn more about the services we offer and how we can transform your bar today!