Transform Your Home With Bar Backlighting

Lighting is often an afterthought when people look to transform their living space or the confines of their office.

They think of furniture, pictures, bookshelves. But spectacular lighting, especially of the sort offered by SLABlite’s technology, should be high on anyone’s list.

SLABlite installations can transform everything from vanities, bars, and countertops to bars, fireplaces, and more into stunning and unique light “fixtures” that can change the entire character of a room. Our backlighting technology is ideal for translucent and semi-translucent materials like onyx, quartz, and glass.

Why not enhance the mood in your bathroom with a backlit vanity countertop? The soft, soothing ambient light glowing through onyx, quartzite, or whatever material you choose, can add a whole new dimension of character to this well-used room.

A beautiful countertop already adds class and elegance to your kitchen or bar, so why not highlight that natural beauty even further? Backlighting with LED slabs adds dimension and depth to the countertop that the eye would otherwise miss.

SLABlite can be used to illuminate and backlight anything you want. We have over 45,000 tiles installed without any failures. Give us a call at (949) 723-2906 and let us help you beautify any space you choose with our fabulous technology.